Zumba is great fun, full of energy, great for posture, rhythm and self confidence, and the best part is burning the calories and toning up and enjoying every minute of it. I am lucky to have such friendly and fun loving students in my classes, and many of them are seeing it as a social event, we all go home happy and with a beaming smile.

Due to my dance experience there is a strong latin influence in my zumba classes so if you like the latin vibes come and try it out

My adult classes are suitable for all levels and ages from 12 years upwards. Don't worry if you are a complete beginner. The classes have a friendly atmosphere and as well as burning the calories and toning, many of my students have made good friends in class, and also look forward to it being a social gathering. The classes have become more like a party, or as a few refer to it "a rave"

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Zumba for children:

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